Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Real Estate is a business

I believe that Real Estate is a business. Can you have fun doing it? - Yes you can and we do everyday. But the more you approach it as a business the more successful you will be. What that means is you create an image for your business. It will build credibility for your company and yourself. Invest in a logo; one designed by a graphic designer. It is the first impression that begins to build rapport with the public.

Remember you need to overcome the negative impress that people have about investors. I know I have read in our local paper how an investor got 12 homes under contract from sellers and then he resold them without recording anything and walked away (or tried to) with hundreds of thousand of dollars. People remember that a long time and it may come up while you are talking them about buying their home. So start to turn this negative into a positive from your very first contact with the seller.

We strive on every contract to treat the seller with respect and always present options for them to choose from. They need the help we can provide. Always do what you say you are going to do. Under commit and over achieve are words to live by when dealing with your sellers.

So look at the impression you are sending or communicating when you talk to sellers; is it positive or negative. Maybe that is why you are having trouble closing on purchase contracts.

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