Saturday, November 15, 2008

The roller coaster ride of real estate

One of the things no one tells you is the roller coaster ride you will have. Sure everyone goes through the process on how to buy a property - you make the offer, the seller accepts it, you bring the money to the title office and you close the deal. How easy can that be? The stress and and anxiety that simple statement brings can be enormous. So many things can go wrong or deal the the process and there is nothing you can do about it. All you can do is plan and when things to go off the tracks you implement the plans to try to correct it or let it go.

A go team is absolutely critical. You can not do this business without a team. That team may be staff, Realtor, and title officers but it is your back-up for when problems happen. Problems happen because humans are involved; you can't help it. The seller backs out or wants to change the terms of the deal. The closing is delayed because your private money person did not have the check ready. Reviewing the documents from the title company you discover the name of the company or the lending is wrong or the address or the martial status. All these things happen and more and you have to look above them at the end results or they will suck you down for the ride of your life.

I am still trying to look beyond the day to day to fous on our goals for the month and the year. We have a great staff that back us up and handles alot of the problems that occur. We close properties becuase of them. So while you are working on your business and closing deals begin to build your team. Tell them what you expect and provide feedback on how they are doing.

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