Friday, April 3, 2009

Why You Need a Realtor

If you have been an investor for any length of time and have gone to any real estate seminar you will hear how real estate agents are the scourge of the industry. I have been to dozens of bootcamps and workshops and everyone loves beating on the real estate agent. Like they caused all the problems the investor had on their last deal.

Yes, like in every profession, you have people who are not professionals and do not know what they are doing. Real estate is no different. But I am here to tell you that you need and want a professional Realtor on your power team. A professional is someone who understands how an investor thinks, knows to ask what they are looking for and not afaird to say when they do not kow something. They know their market and can bring deals to the investor. A good realtor will save you money and time.

I can relate a costly mistake we recently made. We were selling a house and it was a good house with a good profit margin on it. But we gave thousands of dollars based on a disclosure. A simple disclosure that we signed and left off limiting laungage about the max amount of the repairs we would agree to pay. A typical thing to do according to a realtor friend of mine. We missed it and we had to do the repairs that we could have split with the buyer. All to save 3% on the deal. By the way, the cost of repairs is more than the 3% we would have paid the realtor.

So have a real estate agent on your power team and tell them up front what are your expectations. If they do not meet those expectations then let them know ad find another one.

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