Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Real Estate: Emerson Update

So pricing for the rehab we will be doing in Tracy has started to come in and frankly I am a little surprised. The first price is landscaping.

The scope of work is as follows:
  1. Clean front and back yard
  2. Install sprinkler line and heads
  3. New sod in front and back yard
  4. New bushes
  5. Repair fence in back yard
The rice we got for the scope of work was $11,550. WOW!! That seems very high. I am hoping the other numbers will come in more down to earth (pun intended).

I will keep you updated as we continue the rehab in Tracy. Visit our website, JM2 Sells Houses, to get more information on this property. We are offering it as a Lease Purchase Option.

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