Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Biggest Real Estate Challenges

Wow I lost a week. Why, because of fear. I, just like everyone else in this country, read the paper everyday. I am going to stop that. It just depresses you. Because while you are reading the paper your mind is being programmed in how terrible the world economy is right now. Yes it is true. But by reading it over and over and watching the TV news (I do not watch the news) you will mentally give up. The problems are so bad how can we ever get out of the hole we are in. I will tell you how.... ready....Don't focus on the problem - focus on the solutions. Now I can not solve the world's let a lone the country's problems but I can focus on solutions for my challenges (problems).

I want to focus on the solutions to those problems everyday. With that focus, I create an action plan for the day to implement those solutions. This keeps you moving on the solution and not on the challenges to it. There are so many challenges to this real estate business that it can be over whelming. So work on what you can do in a day. Not a To Do List but an action plan.

I forgot last week and got wrapped up in problems with two houses we are buying. We are trying to close on them and I was still looking for my private money. That is a very stressful time when your funding falls through. People change their mind about lending and you have to deal with it. It is nobody's fault it happens. I was worrying about the problem of no money to close the deal instead of focusing on the solution; which is talk to more people about private money. That focus help me create an action plan that I implemented everyday and in a couple of days we have the money to close on the deals in the coming week.

What is your challenge right now? What is the solution to the challenge? What steps do you need to do today to implement that solution.

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