Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Real Estate: How Can I Sell my house fast?

The eternal question. This is the question every investor and homeowner wants to know. I know because I want to know. Why am I asking? Because I am always looking for a way to sell faster. The current financial climate makes it imperative. No one wants to be paying on a property that is not bringing in income. With all the houses we have sold, there are only two sure fire ways to sell fast. You must stand out in a crowd. The way you do that is by price or terms.

Either your price on the property is less than any other property for sale or you provide an easier way for the buyer to buy your property. We try to buy better everyday and offer the best price to the buyer or we offer terms (Owner Financing or Rent to Own). Currently what is working for us is providing owner financing for buyers. This allows us to get a premium price for our houses to people who have a down payment and can make a monthly payment but cannot qualify for a bank loan (who could today?). This allows them to own a home and in a year or two they can refinance. There are buyers out there. They need help to get into a house. So look at the properties you have for sell and ask yourself how does my property stand out - either with price or terms, Good Luck.

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