Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Top Ten Real Estate Stories in 2008

Well that is certainly a mouthful. I have researched what would be considered the top ten real estate stories for 2008. I am sure that David Letterman would have a funnier and different list, but you have to start some where. After reading this list vote on what you think would be "The Story in 2008" in real estate. We look back at these stories not to relive the heartache and pain (though there was plenty of that) but to remind us of where we have been and to help us not make the same mistakes in the future. As I read the stories it focused my attention on the mistakes I have made in 2008 and what I will to differently in 2009 to correct my mistakes.

The Top Ten Real Estate Stories in 2008:
10. Houses are affordable again
9. Loan Modifications
8. Real Estate Related Companies Close Their Doors
7. Median Price of Homes Continue to Decline
6. Fed Lowers Discount Rate to Zero
5. The Rise of Short Sales
4. Foreclosures Go Through The Roof
3. Major Bank Failures and Mergers
2. Back to Basics Mortgage

The number 1 story in 2008

1. $700 Billion-Dollar Bailout

Well there is my opinion - what's yours? Please vote for the top story and leave a comment.

In the meantime, Jeff and I wish all of you and your family a very safe and Happy New Year.

See ya in 2009,

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