Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Real Estate and a Christmas Wish

As I prepare for Christmas with my Family, I want to extend a very Merry Christmas to all the people who have help Jeff and I grow our business. Our private lenders who provide the money so we can buy the houses we need; the sellers who give us the opportunity to help them in their time of need; and buyers who some times need help most of all. Thank-you to our real estate agents who continuously bring us properties to evaluate and buy and who help us sell them afterward; to our House Finders who go out into the community to find properties for us; the contractors who repair and fix our properties to resell or lease, it is their quick and efficient work that helps in these tough time; our property inspectors and appraisers who help to keep us on track with our values and repairs. Our mentors, coaches and trainers who have been there to answer all our dumb questions and to cheer us on when we needed it. A hearty thank-you to all our vendors - Virtual assistants, and our virtual marketing team we depend on you to grow.

But most of all, Jeff and I want to thank our wives and children who put up with us as we study all through the night or are gone at all hours to evaluate properties, as we travel about the country meeting with other real estate investors and discussing ideas for a challenging time. It is truly their love and support that keeps this business humming.

So from our family, at JM2 Investment Properties LLC, to all of yours thank-you and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 2009 looks to be a fantastic year and we want you to be a part of it.

See Ya,

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