Monday, December 1, 2008

Can you make money in Real Estate?

Post Thanksgiving rush is gone along with most of the leftovers and now it is back to work. With all the changes that are happening in the market today we get asked the same question over and over: Can you make money in this Real Estate market? I know it doesn't match the title but close enough. The answer is yes!! But there is a lot of work behind that yes.

What I mean by that is real estate is easy but it's not simple. There are many challenges that the market will throw at you but the biggest challenge will be yourself. Everyday a new problem needing a solution will pop up. You have to be resilient. You can not let the market or the bank or your partner or any of a number of things get you down. Because you will take your eyes off the prize and you will get lost and distracted. It is easy to focus on the negative around you. There is a lot of negative. You have to fight for your big why.

Your Big Why is why are you doing this business. That is what will motivate you to continue working when it seems the whole world is against. Focusing on your Big Why can carry through the low periods. It will help you to look up at all that you have achieved. Because the answer to making more in real estate starts with yourself.

Tomorrow I will outline how we keep our focus and what is our Big Why.

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