Thursday, February 5, 2009

In Real Estate it's about Implementation

Implementation. A key word in real estate; actually in any business but very important in real estate. Why? Because there are so many great programs in the market to buy and sell real estate but it does not do any good if you do not implement. That is one thing no one really talks about. Sure you can watch the shows on TV - buy a house for $50,000 - fix it up for $15,000 and sell it for $125,000. That sounds fantastic, right? And it is possible to do, but what they do not say is that the real estate investors saw over 100 houses and made 15 offers and talked to countless people before they got the deal. Not to mention that it took four months of effort. Yes, you can get lucky and get a deal right off the bat, but that has never been my business model.

Typically my model is based on the longest time it takes to do something and that is after some dead ends on the bumpy road. Hey, don't get me wrong, I love real estate. It is fun to take something that no one wants and turn it into the pride of the neighborhood. Just be prepared to work like a business that is if you want to do more than one a month.

So dust off the program you have on your shelf (I have them also) and commit to implementing the strategy for a period of time longer than 7 days. You have to give it six months and see if you results are not better.

Hey drop me a comment and let me know what programs you have and what's working for you.

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