Thursday, February 12, 2009

Working under the gun in real estate is stressful

Wow the days have gone by since the last time I posted on my blog. Monday I told you about our setback on our latest deal. Well today I still have that challenge. I have been talking to all kinds of people about private money. That is why I spent so much time on it in the 30 Day Action Plan (see previous blog posts). It is vital because once you have it and can keep a constant flow of it you can make real estate deals with confidence. If you have to find the money after you have a deal signed then you live in the land of stress and that is not fun.

We continue to talk to people about the possibility of earning 8 - 12% on their money secured by real estate. But what we are finding is while people like the interest rate they are fearful of the economy and do not want to make any changes until it settles out. So we keep talking and meeting until we have what we need.

So I will keep at it and let you know more tomorrow.

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