Friday, February 20, 2009

Real Estate: Retail Selling Today

Can you sell retail today? Yes, of course you can. We are working on a property today for an Open House that starts in a few hours. Go to our website JM2 Sells Houses and click on 303 Duke, Livermore, CA for more information. We purchased this house right (50% on the dollar) but to get a retail buyer I am selling at 80% of market value.

You can not today sell at 95 -100% of market value if you want to sell the property in 60 days. There are just to many properties out there for buyers to look at and they can be picky about the property. So if your property is not perfect you have to be ready to discount the price to the buyer. Also you need to position the property better. A Home Stager is a must. A stager comes in and dresses the house up to accentuate the positives and help the buyer see how their life could be in the home. We have done it twice and it has helps.

So I am off to finish prep for our Open House I will let you know how we did.

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