Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Happenings

Well as you can see I have changed my blog layout. That is the problem when you have an architect writing a blog. I am still looking for that perfect layout but in the meantime this layout looks good.

The Open House over the weekend went pretty well. We had more people show-up on Sunday than Saturday which goes to show that I do not know how the market will react. I would have thought the it would have been the other way. We got a few people who are interested in the property. We did discover that the flat fee listing we had done did not display in the local MLS. We are still learning things everyday. We have corrected that problem and we got a bunch of calls from realtors asking if the property was still available.

So the house maybe sold by the end of the week. That would certainly be good news. Once we have this sold we will concentrate on the next property. Hey anyone want a fixer in Tracy $165k all fixed up make offer as is, owner will carry.

See Ya,

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