Sunday, February 22, 2009

Open House Reality

Open Houses are boring. You prepare very hard for the flood of people that will come through the house and very few come. That is just the way the market is right now. We spent a lot of time on clean and fixing and prepping to show the house to 8 people. For a four hour open house that is one person every 30 minutes. Let me tell you that is a lot of sitting around. I find that I look over all the things maybe I should have fixed. By the end of the day it is a long list and can be discouraging.

But in the end we did get one or two people who were interested in the house. Managing expectation is key. I always think we will sell the house in one day. A house is just too big a purchase for someone to walk-in and say "YES, I'll take it" There are just too many houses on the market. The prospective buyers need to see it, usually more than once, and compare it against other houses on the market. So I am preparing mentally for day two of our open house and we will be looking for those people who came through on Saturday to return and start talking price.

I will let you know how it goes.

See Ya,

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