Friday, January 2, 2009

The 1st Day of 2009

Hi Everyone,
The first work day of 2009 was a busy day. We have a number of offers out on REOs (Real Estate Owned), which are bank owned properties. We work with a Realtor and we are making 15 to 20 offers per month. I checked with our agent on the status of the offers. We also have several sellers we are talking to about buying their property. We research the comparables for houses in the area and then I put together an offer for our Acqusition Manager. So after the holiday season we are looking to close on several properties this month. We also looked over bids for two properties we are rehabbing to resell. They should be finished in the next three weeks.

Jeff and I also went to look at a property (REO) for a private money lender. We frequently lend our knowledge to help people who help us. We beileve that is the way to build a business. We do not see competitors; we see people just like us trying to make a little money and help people get into homes.

So what did you do for your first day. If you are new to Real Estate or just beginning you need to get going. I will be providing my road map, starting Monday, for the next 30 days what I would do to start my career in real estate. So have a great weekend - and prepare mentally for a new business. Remember this is a business. A fun and exciting business, but a business nonetheless. So lets make 2009 the best ever. I know we will be and I will enjoy helping you succeed also.

See Ya,

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