Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Goals & Action Plan for January 2009

Hey everyone, I know I have posted Day One of the 30 day of action plan, but I said I would tell you our goal & action plan for January 2009. So below I have list our goals for January and below that is our action plan that we will be implementing to achieve our goals. I will update you on how we are doing.

January Goals
  1. Buy 4 Properties
  2. 20 – 30 offers
  3. 2 positive write ups and articles
  4. $300,000 private money
  5. 115 new buyers on Buyers list
  6. Start planning Community event – brainstorm
  7. Plan training session for House Finder

This a piece of the goals we need to accomplish this as steps to our overall goals. Below I have outlined the action steps we need to be doing to reach these monthly goals.

Action Steps for January
  1. Send out 10,000 postcards
  2. Talk to 200 sellers
  3. Write offers for 20 REOs
  4. Review 25 Bird Dog leads
  5. Make 40 appointments
  6. Contact 25 people about private money
  7. Spend $300 on Google AdWords
  8. Set-up brainstorm meeting
  9. Set-up House Finder training meeting for planning session
So that will be want we are doing in the first month of 2009. Here's to a fantastic 2009

See Ya,

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