Thursday, January 29, 2009

Real Estate Course: Day Twenty-Five of 30 Day Action Plan

Day 25
  1. Talk to one person every day about your private money program
  2. Review all offers made so far (follow-up)

Day Twenty-Five: More private money. By now you have had some success that will build up your confidence to go out and get more. After you have a private lender or two, give them your information packet. Yes they have seen it before, but have them look at it with the eye to explain things more clearly. What questions did the booklet answer and what did it leave out. This is valuable feedback. The information they give you will make the booklet better for the next person you give it to. Remember you can make no guarantees about rates of return. Check with you attorney to verify that you are complying with the local, state & federal laws for private money. You may have to register with the SEC. Your attorney can help you there. OK, enough with the disclaimer and warnings.

Remember to follow-up on all your offers you sent out. There is a deal in that pile.

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