Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Real Estate Course: Day Twenty-Four of 30 Day Action Plan

Day 24
  1. Recruit bird dogs
  2. Talk to one person everyday about your private money program

Day Twenty-four: Now that you have relationships with other professionals, you want to start building relationships with other people who will look for properties. They are called bird dogs. I like to call them House Finders. They are your eyes and ears in the community. They can be places where you cannot because of time or money. They stake out a particular area and look for houses based on your criteria. The key to using House Finders effectively is giving them good and clear information about what you are looking for. Where do you find them? Everywhere you go. The mail carrier, the UPS driver, the newspaper person can be a house finder or anyone who is working in the neighborhood as part of his or her job. The landscaper who goes from neighborhood to neighborhood could see houses that are falling in disrepair that may be a sign the seller needs to sell. They make contact with the seller and collect the information and pass it on to you. You finish the research and negotiation and close the deal. You pay the house finder. There are many programs to help you with this part of the job. I recommend Andy Poper’s TeamWork Lead System. He has a system set-up to help you find and manage House Finders. Because once you have a network of House Finders you need to manage and keep in contact with to help them learn and grow.

Next you need private money and you get that by talking to everyone you know. So go and spread the word on your program and collect the money.

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