Saturday, January 3, 2009

Preparing for Action in 2009 - Real Estate

I am constantly working on my mental game It is a tough business. Everyday can be a challenge. A seller first takes your offer then calls to say that they do not want to sell. A buyer strings you along and decides after a long time not to buy (why would you do that - I will tell you later). After you purchase a property you find something you missed and it costs you several thousand dollars - oops there goes some profit. You need to prepare yourself for the tough times. The odds are you will start with some miss steps. If you don't - that is great you are a few of the lucky ones. I will tell you that is not how Jeff and I started. We have got here because of our determination and the odds say that is what you will need.

That is OK. W are here to tell you our story and provide an action plan that may help you succeed. Just keep a positive attitude and always focus on solutions. Let me know if you feel down and you need a prep talk. I frequently need one and fortunately I have Jeff to talk to and he keeps me focused.

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