Monday, January 19, 2009

Real Estate Course: Day Fifteen of 30 Day Action Plan

Day 15

  1. Talk to one person every day about your private money program
  2. Lunch with an expert (realtor/title officer/mortgage broker)
  3. Second USPS mailing going out
  4. Look at five properties
  5. Make offers on properties that meet your model

Day Fifteen: Private Money! Review your warm list and how they responded to your offer. Compile a list of people who said no because you will go back to these people. We want to give them five opportunities to say no.

Lunch with an expert. Make sure you rotate your list of experts so you grow your list of real estate experts and contacts. Remember you can also talk to them about your private money program. That will help with the action item above.

If you purchased a large list last week (Day 5), you should be preparing a second mailing. Why do you want to break-up a large list into two mailings? Simple logistics is the answer. You or someone else has to answer the phone and if you sent a large mailing in one batch you could get a bunch of calls all at once (over several days). You may miss some calls. Dividing it over two mailings will make it easier to take the calls. You will repeat this mailing next month following the market rule of multiple mailings.

Go look at five property leads from the realtors you have met. You are evaluating them for equity (market value – repairs – loans = equity).

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