Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 Real Estate Goals

I have spent the weekend reviewing the goals we have for 2009. From these goals we will establish our action plan for the week, month and year. As the year goes by we will review our results and make adjustments to our action plan to reach our goals. So here they are:

Buy 40 houses
Sell or lease the houses (purchased) within 45 days
Create 24 positive write-ups in the form of articles, public relations and social networking
Get referrals from 10% of our clients
Obtain $3,000,000 of private money
1,500 people on our buyers list
Host 4 - 6 community events
Publish Two Average Joe eBook and website
Donate to charity
Host a Christmas Party for clients and buyers & sellers.

We know these are ambition goals, but I believe in our staff and the procedures we have in place. I look for some big things in 2009. So now I will put together an action plan for the month and the coming week based on our goals. Tomorrow I will out two action plans. One will start our 30 day action plan for people who want to get started in this business but I will also layout our action plan for our company that we will follow starting Monday.

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