Friday, January 9, 2009

Real Estate Course: Day Five of 30 Day Action Plan

Day Five

  1. Talk to one person everyday about your private money program
  2. Buy a list of property owners
  3. Open account

Day five is the beginning of your search for private money. This will be the most important thing you do in your real estate business. Without money you cannot buy many properties. The bank will only let you buy so many properties and the climate we are in today (December 2008), they may not qualify you for any loans let alone one for a property that can be sold for a profit or has a positive cash flow. From your list you made yesterday, call one person and either let them know about the opportunity you have for them to make a higher rate of return on the phone or over lunch (in person). I tend to do it in person that way I can gauge their reaction and tailor my presentation of the opportunity. If they say no do not cross them off your list a No now does not mean a No later it just means they cannot at the moment.

Next you need to purchase a list of homeowners in your identified farm area. You can do this at or Both have search criteria you can use to shrink your direct mail to target a specific group of homeowners and sellers in the group. One of the cardinal rules in marketing is to hit the prospect multiple times before you move on. Your budget for your marketing campaign should be large enough to allow you to mail to the home owner at least five times. That will be enough times to give the prospective seller the opportunity to hear your offer.

Now that you have your list and your budget it is time to open your account. This is a fantastic Web site. You can put together your marketing message on a postcard and mail it to your list of homeowners. In fact, within the span of a couple of hours, you can have a mailing going out to a 1,000 homeowners, amazing. You can also set that mailing to happen again in a month or 60 days or rotate it with another list or two and send it every 90 days. You can also use a virtual marketing company like SalesTeamLive. This company will buy the list in the target area you want and the budget you want and will send out the mailings without fail every month. Send as much or as little as you want, it is “Done for You Marketing.” Just visit and look at the opportunity.

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