Thursday, January 22, 2009

Real Estate Course: Day Seventeen of 30 Day Action Plan

Day 17
  1. Talk to one person every day about your private money program
  2. Lunch with an expert (realtor/title officer/mortgage broker)
  3. Review craigslist ads
  4. Review rentals in newspaper
  5. Look for equity

Day Seventeen: Private money! I hope you enjoyed your day off. But you can never really have a day off (well except Sunday). Review your warm list and how they responded to your offer. Compile a list of people who said no because you will go back to these people. We want to give them five opportunities to say no. There is no business without private money.

Lunch with an expert. Make sure you rotate your list of experts so you grow your list of real estate experts and contacts. Remember you can also talk to them about your private money program. That will help with the action item above.

Post an ad on for your area. This is exposure for your business. In fact review craigslist under the real estate section and see what others are posting. How is it written? How can you adapt that to what you are doing? I have looked at other items people are selling and how they worded their copy and adapted that to what I want.

Spend some time reading the paper. Look at the real estate section, read the articles and the real estate for sale ads. Call on the houses for sale and for rent. The rentals may be landlords who no longer want to own rental property. Look for opportunities.

Go look at five property leads from the realtors you have met. You are evaluating them for equity (market value – repairs – loans = equity).

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